deep gratitude

i feel such gratitude and awe at the breath and width of what we did together

to the customers, both locally and across this precious world, that supported all of us, thanks for giving your precious energy to keep our world afloat

to all the vendors who worked with us, thank you for your flexibility and attention

to the two neighborhoods for feeding us, parking patience and all, thank you

to the press who introduced us into the homes of many, thank you for all your efforts

to the artists, large and small, who gave their time and talent on our behalf

to the people in our government that supported us as we became

my heartfelt thanks to my friends who held me in their hearts and listened to me non stop

i give my thanks to every single person that worked with me and birthed my dream. you are the heroes on this journey

thank you to my family for always always being there

what a wild and spectacular dream we held in place

i am dreaming forward

love, always